Chris Mona
Northern Sun with Black FliesNorthern Night with FlashlightView from the Gully, Gros Morne, NewfoundlandTablelands: Ice Excursion, NewfoundlandTablelands: Kraft DinnerPicnic at Green Point, NewfoundlandPasture at Green Gardens, NewfoundlandGros Morne and Woody Point, NewfoundlandPeak of Tenerife and Pentecostal Church, NewfoundlandKilldevil Mountain and Lomond Campground, NewfoundlandBeachedParkedReindeer Moss CompanionCow Parsnip CompanionPitcher Plant CompanionOld Rose CompanionOrange Hawkweed CompanionNeat Blackberry CompanionMoss CompanionColumbine CompanionCaribou Raiding a Garden, NewfoundlandRoadside Attraction, NewfoundlandBeaver Gnaw, NewfoundlandLobster Trap, NewfoundlandSalmon Catch, NewfoundlandScummy Catch, Newfoundland
Newfoundland Project
In Summer 2001, I was artist in residence at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada, sponsored by the Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Parks Canada. I have visited Newfoundland five times, and its northern beauty, unique geography and culture continue to exert a force in the direction of my art and thoughts.