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In Touch, green variation
In Touch, green variation
woodcut, lithograph, collagraph, and letterpress on masa
24 x 18 in.

Aqua Regia Collaborative is:
Chris Mona, Gretchen Amazeen, Anne McLaughlin Mickey Doran, , Patrick Deming, Sandy Sapienza, Cathy Sheehan, Jenni Wollums, Louise Wallendorf, Patsy Card, Josefa O’Malley, Bobbie Scholley, Jim Sayler, Joyce Feldman, and Mark Lindley.

The Aqua Regia Collaborative is formed of printmakers working at the Aqua Regia Press at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold MD.
This multimedia print was begun before the pandemic, sustained a year’s hiatus, and brought to completion in Spring 2022. Artists worked collaboratively on concept and matrix development, with three initial relief layers in woodcut and collagraph, and three lithography layers. The work is editioned on masa in lithographic ink in a red version and a green version. The final layer is letterpress using wood and metal type from our press collection, composed in two large chases gang-printed on a single Charles Brand etching press.