Chris Mona
Millennial Home & GardenOaken Light (Marley)Vision for Ernest Shackleton : Larsen B Ice ShelfMillennial Couple (Tina Ward / Gabe Funes)Millennial Couple, installation viewMillennial Chorus (My Chemical Romance / The Powells)Millennial Time Piece (DeLauder Family / Self)Millennial Vision 1 (Jimmy Swaggart / Spilled Milk)Millennial Vision 1 (Jimmy Swaggart / Spilled Milk), diptych installation viewMillennial Vision 2 (Parting Waters / Carole Prond)Millennial Vision 2 (Parting Waters / Carole Prond),  diptych installation viewAt the Water's Edge (The Young Deacons / April Turner)At the Water's Edge (The Young Deacons / April Turner), diptych installation viewMillennial PromiseTina Ward VertectaGabe Funes DomesticaThe Jimmy Swaggart PanelThe David Epley PanelSpilled Milk No. 1EvergreenThe Young DeaconsElla and Ada Kimmel at the FountainLiving BranchThe Carole Prond PanelSpilled Milk No. 2The April Turner PanelThe Slits PanelThe Delauder Family PanelMy Bloody Valentine PanelThe Powell Family PanelMillennial Time Piece / Self in GardenParting WatersMillennial Promise Part 1Millennial Promise Part 2
Millennial Home & Garden
“Millennial Home and Garden” investigates domestic and natural miracles and disasters through the twinned motifs of the garden and singers. The images are from rock and roll album covers, 70’s Christian music acts, photo snapshots, my own backyard, and inner visions. The work both questions and reveres issues of piety and personhood, family dynamics, and notions of heaven and hell.

Materials and processes also matter greatly to me. The works from “Millennial Home and Garden” are on wood panels, many of which I have tinted to a golden finish. These pieces are part of an artistic conversation with European devotional panels from 500 years ago. The paint I use is casein, a milk-based paint that resembles tempera, but has the added ability to be applied thickly, thinly, in glazes, or in bold flats.